How to Choose a Dental Implants Dentist

Tips to choose a dental implants dentist in Fort Worth, TexasImplant dentistry is not a specialty recognized by the American Dental Association. This means that any general dentist can claim to be a dental implants dentist. Dental implants represent a significant investment, so you should do some research before choosing the dental implants dentist that’s right for you.

How do you know which elements to look for if you’re not seeped in the dental world? Here’s some advice for finding a legitimate dental implants dentist.


If the dentist you are considering for a tooth implant has a website, read his online biography. Does the dentist belong to respected dental organizations, such as the American Dental Association? Is the dentist active in the dental community? Is he or she published in trade journals? Does the dentist regularly give or attend lectures? Because implant dentistry is a constantly evolving field, regular participation in dental events is an important characteristic of a dental implants dentist.


There’s nothing wrong with choosing a dentist fresh out of dental school. But for tooth implant cases, especially when complications might be involved, choosing a dentist with an established reputation is always recommended. When did the dentist graduate from dental school? Can the dentist show you examples of tooth implant cases similar to yours? Don’t be shy when interviewing a potential dental implants dentist. Ask about his or her experience with dental implants – you can even ask to speak with former patients who have completed tooth implant therapy in the same office.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Some general dentists place dental implants in their offices, whereas other dentists work with specialists for an interdisciplinary approach. Dr. Blair does a little of both at her office, for example, she places a lot of singualar or multiple site implants herself, but also works with a respected oral surgeon who specializes in multiple tooth implant placement when complex cases and some denture cases come up. The oral surgeon has the tools and knowledge to perform the implant surgery with a high success rate in high risk or complicated cases.

Tooth Implant Options

Not everyone is a candidate for implant dentistry. Does the dentist offer alternatives? Talk to the dentist at your tooth implant consultation to determine if your needs can be met.

Dental Comfort Options

Your comfort should be a top priority. A sedation dentist can administer an oral medication that will help you relax during the procedure. You should also feel comfortable in the office and the entire team should welcome you and be willing to accommodate any special needs you may have.

In addition, we also offer a number of other amenities that can help you feel more at ease during your dental treatments. NuCalm, for instance, is a revolutionary and organic new relaxation method that assists patients by bringing beta brain wave function down to the alpha range (otherwise known as the first stage of sleep) without the need of narcotics, controlled substances, or any troublesome side effects. Additionally, we can provide blankets, warm towels for your face, black out glasses, and televisions. If you’re in need of a stronger sedation method in order to truly relax, we can even have a traveling doctor who is certified come into the office in provide IV sedation! Our team will be sure to ensure your complete comfort before beginning any procedures.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, Dr. Blair can help you regain total confidence with modern dental implant solutions. Contact our Fort Worth dental office today and schedule your personal consultation to learn if dental implants are right for you. Please use the phone number above or the form at the right of this page. Voted Best Dentist in Fort Worth Magazine, Dr. Blair serves patients from Fort Worth and the surrounding areas.

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